Records at the customs


Last year was the year of records. Custom’s officers and border guards sized more than a 2 200 000 boxes of unsealed cigarettes on the Romanian and Ukranian border sections.

The 30 kg of heroin which was sized a year ago in Ártánd border stationwas also an all-time record.
This year unlikely be the same effective as the last one catching the smugglers, because from the first of January no longer excise control working on Romanian border crossings.

Seizing the 400 000 doses of heroin was the biggest catch on the Northern Great Plains border region. The 60 packages of dope (worth more than 1,5 million euros) were hidden under the floor of a polish truck.

Lesser quantities of drugs have been detected on all border stations.These quantities wereusally for the passengers own use – said regional customs spokesman Major József Kupecz.

Another big catch was the cigarettes worth more than 1,2 million euros, which was hidden among strawberries by the smuggler.