Man Hit and Killed By Train at Lake Balaton


Tópart InterCity, which left Nagykanizsa on Friday night, hit and killed a man.


On Friday evening, Tópart Intercity, which left Nagykanizsa at 5:14 p.m., hit a person in the interior of Szántód, Mávinform reported.

According to local information, the tragedy happened in Szántód, a few hundred meters from the railway crossing on Május 1-je street. A young man lay on the tracks, possibly with suicidal intentions.

At a quarter to eleven at night, the scene investigation of the accident on the southern shore of Lake Balaton was completed, so train traffic could start again. On Friday night, the schedule was restored on the Budapest-Székesfehérvár-Nagykanizsa line.

A relief train left Balatonszentgyörgy for Tapolca at 23:45 to pick up passengers who missed the previous connection. Replacement buses were running between Siófok and Szántód, the journey time on the South Balaton line was 60-90 minutes longer on Friday evening due to transfers.


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