A man from Hajdúhadháza may have committed more than 30 crimes in Debrecen and Győr


Debrecen prosecutors have completed the investigation against the young man who is suspected of having committed more than 30 crimes in Debrecen and Győr.

The young man’s criminal record began on September 26, 2021. He returned to his former employer that night and decided to take the van parked at the Debrecen premises. He knew how to walk, so he easily got to the ignition keys and then drove off with the vehicle. However, after a short drive, he noticed that there was something wrong with the truck. As it turned out, he burned out the clutch, so he parked it on a secluded street and continued on foot.

His next adventure started on October 3, 2021. He learned that the father of one of his acquaintances had left. He showed up at the property, broke into the house, took the keys to the Mercedes parked in the yard, and drove all the way to Győr. He stayed there for a few days, then left the car behind and drove off in the direction of Hajdú-Bihar County on October 20, 2021, with another car stolen from the garden of a property.

He had barely entered Debrecen when a police car with a siren stopped him. The officers checked the car’s data and also got the young driver certified. It soon became clear that the vehicle stolen from Győr had been found. It was later revealed that he also broke into two other cars and tried to drive off with them, but was unable to start them.

Detectives from the Criminal Department of the Debrecen Police Department questioned the resident of Hajdúhadháza as a suspect on October 21, 2021, then took him into criminal custody and submitted a motion for his arrest, which was ordered by the competent district court. All three cars stolen by the suspect were found and impounded.

However, the complicated case did not end there. During the investigation, it was also revealed that the 23-year-old man was connected to dozens of house burglaries, sneaks, bicycle thefts in Debrecen and Győr, as well as the looting of three vegetable shops in the county seat of Hajdú-Bihar.

The criminal prosecutors conducted an investigation against him due to the well-founded suspicion of 5 counts of arbitrarily taking a vehicle and 26 counts of theft. The necessary procedural actions were carried out and the case documents were sent to the competent prosecutor’s office.



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