Men Attacked Two Young People With a Weapon in Százhalombatta


The Érd police arrested the two people who attacked two young people with a gas gun on Saturday at a playground in Százhalombatta.


The 19-year-old man said that he was talking with his friend when the two unknown persons approached them. One of them took out a gun, pointed it at them and announced: “Now you are going to pack!” The 19-year-old grabbed the gunman’s hand and tried to grab the weapon, while his friend ran away. During the fight, they fell to the ground, but he managed to get the gun out of the attacker’s hand. At the end of the fight, the attacker ran away, the victim took his dropped weapon home. That’s when he noticed that his cell phone, worth hundreds of thousands of forints, was missing.

The police arrested 20-year-old V. Dezső, and his 17-year-old accomplice was taken to the police station a few hours later. The juvenile admitted to committing the crime charged against him, but according to V. Dezső. Both of them were suspected of attempted armed robbery, and V. Dezső was taken into custody and his arrest is being initiated. According to the primary opinion, the seized weapon is a gas and stun gun, further investigation is carried out by a forensic weapons expert. The police also found the stolen mobile phone, and the attacker’s bloody sweater is also being examined by an expert.

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