Rainfall to Arrive in the Evening


On Sunday, the sky will be moderately or heavily cloudy, during the day there may be a larger break in the clouds, then the sun may shine for several hours, but due to the veil clouds it will not be undisturbed. Then, during the first half of the day, in some places, and then in the late afternoon hours, the precipitation tendency increases in an increasingly large area, reports Kiderül.hu.

In the evening, a Mediterranean cyclone will reach our region, as a result of which the weather will turn rainy and the daytime warming will decrease by a few degrees. The south-east wind will be strong in a large area, especially in Northern Transdanubia, strong gusts may occur from time to time. The highest daytime temperature on Sunday will mostly be between 14 and 20 degrees, late at night 8, 13 degrees is likely.

On Monday, the sky will be very cloudy or overcast, then from the afternoon and evening the clouds will break up in an increasingly large area from the west. Rain, showers, and thunderstorms are expected in several places. Especially in the Great Plain, the south-east and south winds will strengthen in some places. In the morning, temperatures will usually be between 6 or 11 degrees, but it can be colder in the north-eastern districts protected from the wind. By early afternoon, the air will warm up to between 9 and 18 degrees, lower temperature ​​can be measured in areas with more permanent precipitation.




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