13-Year-Old Girl in Nagyecsed Dies of Pneumonia After Being Sent Home Twice By Doctors


The GP diagnosed the 13-year-old girl from Nagyecsed with a flu-like viral infection, but when she vomited blood with a fever of 39 degrees, the family already knew that the problem was bigger than that.

The child’s parents took the girl to the doctor twice, both times they sent her home to recover. The 13-year-old girl’s parents are filing a report.

A 13-year-old girl from Nagyeced died of pneumonia in the hospital in Mátészalka, after the doctors sent her home twice. And for the third time, her treatment was started so late that she could not be helped. She died the next morning, RTL wrote. First, the GP diagnosed the girl with a flu-like virus, with which she was sent home to bed on Monday morning. In the evening, she developed a fever of 39 degrees, so her parents called the doctor the next morning, who said that if she only had a fever, they should take her to the family doctor the next morning, but she didn’t make it until the next morning, the grieving mother said. The father went to the GP on Tuesday morning with a sore throat, where he said that his daughter was getting worse and her condition was not improving at all.

“He didn’t say that I should bring my daughter back so he could see what was wrong with her, but that he wasn’t Jesus! He said that he couldn’t heal her in a day”, said the girl’s father.

In the evening, the girl’s back and chest hurt, so the parents took her to the emergency room in Mátészalka. They were also sent home from there, and when the girl was vomiting blood two hours later, they were taken back to the pediatric emergency room. The doctors at the hospital couldn’t believe that they had been sent home two hours earlier. The girl was immediately put in an ambulance and transported to the hospital in Nyíregyháza. Theer they took her to the intensive unit, and then put her under anesthesia, but they couldn’t help her anymore, the little girl died on Wednesday morning.

“Many viral diseases can end in bacterial complications and superinfection, which can lead to pneumonia, or in even more serious cases, blood poisoning, which can lead to worsening of the patient’s condition or death,” emergency specialist András Késmárky told RTL. The child’s family doctor did not want to comment the case, the ambulance service on duty said that “no serious symptoms were detected”.

Parents file a complaint to find out who the responsible party is for this tragedy.




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