István Vágó Died at 74


“Our friend and colleague István Vágó passed away unexpectedly”, the presidency of the Democratic Coalition has announced.

“The successful television presenter, the founder of the Skeptic Coalition, our colleague who worked for many, many years in the presidency of the Democratic Coalition, has left us here forever”, they write. “We must continue without his struggle for facts, science, reason and a free, European Hungary”, they added.

The Democratic Coalition considers István Vágó as its own dead, the party’s community, politicians, colleagues and supporters share the family’s grief. István, rest in peace! – reads the party’s statement.

István Vágó was born in Budapest in 1949, his father trained to become a Catholic priest and taught at the Archbishop’s Catholic High School in Pest. His mother from Békéscsaba was deported with her family to Auschwitz due to her Jewish origin during the Second World War, from which her father, grandparents and brother never returned. István Vágó originally studied as a pharmaceutical and chemical engineer and then trained as a tour guide, although he never practiced the latter profession. The highly knowledgeable TV presenter spoke English, German, French, and Spanish excellently, but he also spoke Italian and Portuguese, and Polish, Swedish, and Russian. He could write in Arabic, Turkish and Hindi, but he was also interested in several other languages.

In 1975, he applied for the Reporter Wanted competition announced by Hungarian Television, and after the finals, Tamás Vitray offered him the leadership of the Bar Kochba game called Van benne valami. Since then, he has hosted several quiz shows on Hungarian Television, later he also tried his himself at commercial television, first on TV2, and then he became the host of the RTL Klub quiz show “Be a Millionaire”. Blikk magazine understands that the TV presenter died at dawn on Saturday at his home.


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