Where is winter? Here is the latest forecast


Although winter has begun according to the calendar, the weather is still autumnal, and a serious cooling down is not likely in the next week, even the night frosts will end in the first half of next week, wrote the National Meteorological Service in its agrometeorological analysis.

They added: in the second half of last week, the weather was sunnier and warmer in the western regions, it was almost spring-like weather to proceed with the earthwork left for late autumn, although there were light frosts in the morning, at the same time there were more clouds in the east, and the weekend was gloomy, humid and cool. the soils were also more difficult to loosen. The weather turned in the first half of the week, and the sun shone more in the eastern and northeastern parts of the country, while it rained more or less in the southwestern third of the country on Wednesday and Thursday morning. The weekly rainfall in the areas southwest of Lake Balaton slightly exceeded 5 millimeters, but in most parts of the country, it was less than 1 millimeter.

It was noted: in November, the northern and northwestern parts of the country received less than the long-term average, and significantly more precipitation fell in the central part of the country, while during the entire autumn, above-average precipitation fell in the northeastern third of the country and along the southern border, while in most of the Transdanubia and the central regions of the Great Plain much less rain. The upper half-meter layer of the soil is typically well-watered at the end of autumn, but in order to recharge the deeper soil layers, mainly in the Great Plain and the Little Plain, a lot of precipitation is still needed during the winter. The average temperature in November was 1, sometimes 2 degrees higher than usual for this time.

According to the analysis, in the next week, mild, wetter air masses with a southerly and southwesterly flow will flow high above the country, so no serious frost should be expected in the future, but precipitation will arrive in several waves, typically in the form of rain. However, the amount of precipitation in the next week will only exceed 10 millimeters in a few places, rather it will be more frequent smaller rains.

Until the end of the week, a similar, not very strong frost is expected in a large area, mainly in the less cloudy eastern half of the country, and then in the first half of next week, the nights will be frost-free in the majority of the country. The temperature of the hottest hours on Friday will only be between 1-5 degrees, and from Saturday typically between 4-9 degrees, the meteorological service wrote.



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