Opposition DK Leaders Express Condolences Over Death of Queen Elizabeth II


Leader of the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) Ferenc Gyurcsány and his wife, MEP Klára Dobrev, on Thursday expressed their condolences over the death of Queen Elizabeth II.


Gyurcsány called the Queen “an epochal monarch of a historic era” whom he respected “from very far, from what seems to be a completely different world”. It was during her reign that the British Empire collapsed and it was she who led her country to a new era with “staggering humility” but with confidence nevertheless, Gyurcsány said on Facebook.


Dobrev said that in the course of Elizabeth II’s reign the British empire had segued into a country, “but a proud, strong, successful country. One of the strongest and most successful countries in the world.” Elizabeth II did not yield to hatred and did not let lamentation over the past consume the future, Dobrev said on Facebook.





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