Cold Front Will Soon End Foggy Weather


The weather in Central Europe, including Hungary, is affected by a large-scale anticyclone. Weather fronts are avoiding the country in the period ahead. The foggy and cloudy weather with more or less sunshine will remain next week.


In permanently foggy landscapes, fogging can also occur, in frosty areas tin fogging is also to be expected. Towards the end of the week, the situation may change, a cold front is approaching Hungary and sweeping out the foggy weather, but at the same time cooling may come with the front. Under the influence of the front, the wind turning to the northwest is gradually strengthening, sometimes accompanied by stormy gusts.

At the end of next week, a cold front arrives and causes a temporary cooling.

Permanently cloudy, foggy weather can affect not only our mood but also our air quality. This is because the concentration of airborne dust in the air can increase significantly, so it can cause complaints in those who are sensitive to it. There may be a temporary improvement next Tuesday, then the southeast wind may pick up, but the cold front in the second half of the week could improve the air quality a lot. Drive with extreme caution in foggy weather to avoid accidents!


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