The Petz Hospital in Győr is Developing Its Oncology and Cardiology Equipment Park

Local News

The Petz Aladár University Teaching Hospital in Győr is developing its oncology and cardiology equipment park with about 800 million forints from the European Union, the institution told MTI.


According to the available information, the goal of the development, which will take place until the end of September 2023, is for patients to receive the best and safest oncology and cardiology care.

As part of the project, medical devices and machines are acquired, such as a stereotaxic upgrade, teletherapy dosimetry and brachytherapy applicators, an additional license is purchased for the already existing CATO system that orders cytostatic infusion, and an imaging diagnostic device is also purchased.

Thanks to the investment, high-quality health care can be provided to the people living in the region, which contributes to the regional equalization of access to health care.


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