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The red sludge disaster in recent weeks was the most significant enviromental catastrophe in Hungary. It caused huge losses of human life, and material and enviromental damages. The reservoir ruined hundreds of lives, but its scaled-down version might give some remedy for the suffering.

The local Reformed Church (working on the campus) came up with a unique idea: they prepared a reduced (1:500) replica of the reservoir.
This will be an opportunity for visitors to see howsuch a pond looks like.

The visitors can leave their donations putting inside the clay replica. The money will be collected and will be given to the victims.They put it on display inside the main building of the University on Monday, and students, teachers and visitors already started to fill it with 100, 200 Huf coins or even with notes.At the entrance leaflet called attention to the destination of clay structures.

The reservoir`s clay replica associated with photosshowing of the disaster will be displayed in the entrence of the Main Building of the University of Debrecen. During this time, between 9am and6pm they are waiting for the donations. After this period the reservoir will be displayed at the basement of the Temple, in the Alpha and Omega Cafe. The cafe is also offered 10 percent to the injured.

Theinitiative is now supported by the Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic and the Lutheran church university groups and the University of Debrecen. The donations will be forwarded to the red mud-stricken areas bythe Hungarian Reformed Church.

More information available on the Facebook page and Szeretettarozo event.

Daniel Puski, priest of the Reformed Church in the University. He got the idea in an early morning last week.

The reservoir of love

Donator and donations

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