Pneumatic weapons

Local News Police

The Debrecen Police Department`s Vehicle Detection Department used the internet to find the stolen firearms as soon as possible. The suspect just realized on scene that he was dealing and organizing sale with police officers.

An unknown suspect stole two air guns, binoculars and cases from a parking car in Debrecen on July 10, 2010. The investigators observed the sport websites dealing such kind of weapons with the victim’s participation. They found in the portal an ad, where an advertiser was looking to buy an air gun binocular which
can only be used for only one of the stolen air gun. The investigators found out that the advertiser knows about the weapon and on of his colleague already offered it to him. The officers then offered to buy the gun, and then discussed a meeting in Budapest. The advertiser was not aware that the "business" was discussed with the
officers of Debrecen Police. The plainclothes detectives captured the man in the parking area of a shopping mall and in his trunk found a stolen weapon. The suspect told police that his colleague has the gunt and other parts. Police searched their apartment and found all the missing parts and the other air rifle. In addition there were a large amount of cash inside the flat some of them were fake.
Proceedings will continue agains the suspects. The experts consider that the seized can be linked to other crimes. The seized money is also being examined by experts, in order to determine their authenticity.

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