Drug dealer in Halap

Local News Police

Debrecen Police started procedure against the two 28 years old residents in October 2010. During the search 24 plants and several other suspicious material and drug substances has been sized by the officers.

The rapid detection THC drug tests were positive so the offenders used drugs. The two mennow held in custody under preliminary arrest initiated by the Police.

The hard work of the Hajdu-Bihar County Police Intelligence Department resulted that 19 persons were in pre-trial custody because of drug abuse offense while they started procedure against 61 people because of drug consumption during the first half of the year.

During the 6-month they have been eleminated 2 cannabis plantations from which approx.56 kg marijuana ready for sale, 280 marijuana plants were seized with an additional 1 kg of amphetamine, which products black-market value exceeds 110 million forints (400 000Euros).
The Intelligence Department brought proceedings against 21 persons because of committing a crime of drug abuse in September.
Seven persons remanded in custody, they also traded with the drug. They also seized 2 hemp plantations from whereafurther approx. 16 kg marijuana ready for sale, 84 marijuana plants were seized together with 1 kg of amphetamine, whichdrugs black-market value exceeds 30 million forints.

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