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The DEKOM (University of Debrecen Medical and Special Rescue team) held a
two day training for police forces. In preparation for the (first round) the police staff had to acquire and upgrade the advanced first aid, gain medical knowledge, because they are more likely to encounter seriously wounded people, or act in life threatening situations during their work.

The program was started on 23rd of Septrember 2010 with the participation of 25 police officersselecting from both the city and county police.

Commandoswere among them as well as street cops,because theyshould also be able to help if they arriving on scene earlier than the paramedics.
Colonel Istvan Aranyi, the deputy chief of the County Police told at the opening press conference that built relationship with DEKOM in the last 2 years and the relationshiphave only good experience. He pointed out that professional help can be life saving.

Dr. Andras Kesmarky, chairman of the DEKOM confirmed that indeedthe training very little theory completed they have been focusing on practice. Their aim is to use the skills immediately, without hesitation, routinely.
DEKOM took part operations in Haiti, Pakistan and were also get into a fight during a charity work as well so they well aware what is needed. The resuscitation of the gunshot wounds, stab carewas part of the material.

They have presented a situation when somebody robbed a bank in Calvin square and the attackers fled by car.They were encircled by commandos, taken out of the car. A wounded civilian was inside the trunk of the car. Health care professionals have tried to revive, but it failed. The person(fortunately just in theory)has died.

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