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The world’s most advanced defibrillator and another novelty in Debrecen. The local ambulance station received a special
resuscitation unit.

This morning special devices arrived to the emergency department of the Ambulance Station of Debrecen.
Breathing apparatus, medical drug infusion pump and special equipments used of broken lower and upper limbs.
Thespecial resuscitation chest compression device arrived as a donation.
This toolwas presented to the experts in Debrecen. There are 8-10 thousands cases a year in the region when the patient`s heart stop beating accidentaly and ambulance staff has to use such devices. This deviceis pressingthe chest, instead of the paramedics. More accurate and reliable and increases the chances of survival.

"The system excludes the human factor and accordingly effecting a much more accurate result and higher levels of chest compression than any colleague could do it. In addition, we reduce one of the paramedics" said Gyorgy Papai the regional director of the National Ambulance Service.

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