Fruits and vegetables directly from the producers

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The public catering companies (schools, kitchens, social services) can directly
buy raw meat, vegetables and fruits from farmers. A new legislative amendment entered into force couple of days ago, so farmers can easily enter the market.

The social services and school kitchens have contracts throughout the year so most of these will be using this way only from next year.

This new opportunity available from September 15. The farmers said that this
is a good option, but it might be late. “We see good opportunities there, although we do not know how the kitchens will buy the products. Our products have good quality, better than the foreigners” – Imre Molnar farmer explains.

The producers are now waiting to be enlisted into the market under the new conditions.
At Twilight home Pallagi the kitchen staff is cooking for 1500 people daily.
They strive to place food /excellent ingredients/ and fresh fruit on the tables.
The leader of the institution says, that the beneficiaries would consume domestic products.
“Now we are satisfied with our suppliers but of course we are delighted that institutions
can connect directly to the producers and going to use excellent Hungarian products”

The locally produced raw materials will appear in public canteens in large numbers next

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