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Lajos Kosa will be the FIDESZ`s candidate for the mayor position at the autumn elections – decided the local FIDESZ on 11th of June. Kosa led the city`s administration from 1998. If he won in autumn, this could be his forth cycle as a mayor.

In 2006 the socialist Gyorgy Bazsa and Kosa debated but we still do not know who will be the MSZP`s candidate at the upcoming municipal elections. The local FIDESZgroup is satisfied with Kosa`s work so
they going to run himon the next election.

Kosa summarized the new government`s work at a meeting. He also outlined what the local FIDESZ group has to do in the next months till the autumn elections. He said that it will not easy. The campaign begins in August and they have to prepare the creative material and has to work on the city development
programme too.
The system of local government is going to change, that means 24 districts will be cover the municipality`s area instead of the 29 districts.
The local group expect winning all districts of the fall elections.

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