23. Kendo European Championship in Debrecen

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35 countries will represent in singles and team competitions with approximately 600 participants in the F?nix Hall between 9 and 11th of April. There will be concerts, anime films and other Japanese cultural events as well.

The public will be able to see junior men and women and team
competitions. Paralel with the European Championship in the
Fonix Hall`s multifunctional rooms andparking lot /tents will be
assembled/ Japanese Culture Days will take place.
The event is expected to be honored by the presenceof the
Japanese Ambassador.

Official Program

09. 04. 2010 Friday

7:30-9:30, 10:00-12:00 shinai check
9:30 Opening Ceremony
10:00 Junior team competition
11:30 Junior individual competition
13:00 Women`s team competition
16:30 Results
17:00-18:00 Good will keiko/Free training

10. 04. 2010 Saturday

7:30-9:15, 9:30-12:00 shinai check
9:15 Day opening
9:30, 13:30 Man`s team competition/Pool
Japanese masters Nihon Kendo Kata performance before the finals
16:00 results
16:30 Good will keiko

11. 04. 2010 Sunday

7:30-12:00 shinai check
9:00 day opening
9:15 Women`s individual
12:00 Men`s individual
16:00 results, official closing ceremony
17:00 Dan exams 1-7. (Hodos Hall)

Cultural Programmes

Cultural Tent
09:00-11:00 Saturday
Anime, Karaoke, Kendo performance
14:00-17:00 Saturday
Tea ceremony, Taiko and Kjogen lectures
09:30-13:00 Sunday
Kendo show, Kjogen and Taiko lectures

Multifunctional room

13:00-13:30 Saturday
Kiyo-kito taiko concert

15:00 Sunday
Kiyo-kito taiko concert, award ceremony


10:00-16:00 Saturday
Origami, Calligraphy
Kimono and siacu show

10:00-14:00 Sunday
siaci show

Anime room

09:00-17:00 Saturday
lectures, Anime screening
09:00-14:00 Sunday
Anime films, lectures

Kendo room

9:00-17:00 Saturday

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