Mangalica Days Festival with concerts

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There will be a farmhouse in the front of the Reformed Great Church between the 9th and 11th of April. Different kind of meals will be available made out of mangalica pork during the Festival. On each afternoon there will be free open-air concerts at Kossuth-square.

Visitors can see how they keep animals in a natural environment and they can choose from a wide range of food.
The 1st Mangalica days will enrich the city`s gastronomy said Zoltan Pajna, deputy mayor.
The area from the east side of the river Tisza provide the half of the mangalicas in Hungary.

The Debrecen Mangalica Days festival represents a good opportunity for producers and consumersto makedirect contact.
The program is the following:

12:00: Traditional Hungarian folk bands are playing music
15:30: Debreceni Népi Együttes (folk dance), accompanied by Bürkös folk music band
16:00 Official opening by Lajos Kosa, mayor of Debrecen and Peter Toth, president of the National Association of Mangalica pig Breeders.
18:00: The "Mangalica Festival ‘Concert


11:00 Traditional Hungarian folk bands play music
15:00: Hortobágyi Néptáncegyüttes (folk dance), accompanied by Szeredás folk music band
18:00: Singing chefs – Well-known tunes rewrited
19:00: Madarak – concert of a house party band
Street ball – out of breath


12:00: Danku Attila and his friends dance house music
15:00: Debreceni Hajdú Táncegyüttes, accompanied by Szeredás
19:00: Concert’s of Zsola, Vad Orchideák and Funky Night

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