Three educational proposals from mayor Kosa

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Lajos Kosa, the mayor of Debrecen wants to start the new parliament session with three educational proposals.

The vice president of FIDESZ told that if he won a seat for the next parliamentary term he will start his work with 3 proposals immediately.

The first one will be in the case of driving licence: the government should require a minimum of eight years primary school to obtain a driving licence.

The other proposal of the representative will be the rise of the punishment to 1-5 years imprisonment from the currently 0-1 year against the offender who attack a teacher.

The third proposal: the parents will only get the child allowances via the local government and if their children met the schooling requirements.

Kosa told the press that his proposals have the backing of the FIDESZ, regardless who will create the new government.
The mayor have referred to a 2005 data which shows that the 17% of the adult hungarian population has not even finished high school. The country"s primary interest to change this.

The current government did nothing to ensure teacher"s safety. "Please tell everyone in Hungary that if somebody slap a face of a teacher will sit one year long in prison..insulting a teacher starts here." "what is going on in this country will no longer continue"

Those parents who are not able to ensure that their kids attending school will not use the kids allowance correctly, they cannot expect the solidarity of the society.

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