British Tabloid Website Promises the Cheapest Beer in Europe to Travelers to Debrecen


LADbible, a tabloid website aimed at young adults, has discovered a new destination for British tourists looking for cheap drinks. They say that the cheapest beer in Europe is given in Debrecen.

“If you are thirsty for ridiculously cheap beer, head to Debrecen” – LADbible recommends to its readers. According to the portal, the second largest Hungarian city is the “cheapest beer city in Europe”, where a pint of beer costs less than a fifth of the average beer price in England.

LADbible announces after outlining the inflationary situation that also affects the British, although life is much more difficult and expensive than before, nothing is lost if someone wants to travel and relax, since in Debrecen you can buy a pint for an average of 82 pence (approx. HUF 360) beer, but there are places where a pint of Soproni only costs 79 pence (346 forints), while in England the average price for a pint of the cheapest beer is 4 pounds 10 pence (approx. 1800 forints). (The amounts were found on a website called Pintprice, which compares beer prices in countries around the world.)

Apart from drinking, the article also offers some culture to British tourists. Among the attractions of the city, it mentions the museum, the zoo, the amusement park and the Great Reformed Church.

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