Survey: IT is still the most sought-after profession on the labor market


IT is one of the most sought-after professions in Hungary; tens of thousands of IT professionals are still missing from the domestic market, after the spread of remote work, more and more people are employed by foreign companies – wrote the Stylers information technology company group in its statement announcing the 2022 survey of the Grafton recruitment company.

64 percent of professionals looking for a job in the IT field can find a job in the profession within 3 weeks. They added that, due to digital transformation, moving services online, cyber security, and creating the conditions for a permanent home office, Hungarian companies constantly need IT professionals. The digital economy accounts for almost 20 percent of the domestic GDP, while according to IT managers, in nearly two-thirds of the cases, it is precisely the lack of professionals that hinders the introduction of new technologies.

According to last year’s surveys, software developers can still count on the highest compensation – they can earn HUF 1.3 – 2 million gross per month or more, while the demand for professionals working in the business IT field is also increasing. For this reason, most companies compete for knowledge, but at the same time, it also appears that companies are bringing in workers from more and more related fields in order to alleviate the lack of competence.

It is expected that this trend will continue to increase, so for example more and more companies will discover and introduce the data-based approach into their daily operations, and for this we need specialists who, as a kind of data communicator, make the numbers understandable and useful for the business areas as a kind of data communicator

– explained Gábor Gönczy, managing owner of Stylers, in the announcement.

He noted that new professions are likely to emerge in the field of digital marketing and user experience as more and more services are brought online, and all of these will be brought together by artificial intelligence, so AI developers will catch up with the most sought-after programmers.

According to the expert, with a well-thought-out training system, companies can successfully combat the lack of specialists by developing existing employees, but this is not possible for tasks that require special knowledge, knowledge of different programming languages, and years of experience. In response to this problem, the involvement of developers hired on a project basis is starting to spread on the market.

Another trend is in the optimization of resources, low-code platforms (business applications quickly completed with minimal manual coding) offer pre-programmed elements to developers, who can thus save junior working hours and devote their valuable time to truly senior-level tasks that require special knowledge – Gábor Gönczy added in the announcement.



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