The prices of some commonly used medicines are rising drastically


Therapeutic preparations that prevent blood clots can become more expensive by up to 450 percent – writes.

Patients taking blood thinners currently pay between HUF 678 (approx. 1.66 €) and HUF 3,393 (approx. 8.31 €) for products financed by the National Health Insurance Fund (NEAK) in pharmacies.

The price change that comes into effect on October 1 may affect the most frequently used products. Patient burdens can increase drastically, by 200-450 percent. knows that the blood thinners used for prevention will have to pay an amount of around 4,500 forints (approx. 11.02 €), and 15,600 forints (approx. 38.19 €) for therapeutic preparations.

In the framework of the official procedure launched on August 1, NEAK wants to transform the support system so that in the future the level of support will be uniform for each product – in practice not adjusted to the heparin content of individual products – i.e. products containing different amounts of heparin will receive the same support.

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