Guest Nights Jump 630% in December From Low Pandemic Base

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Guest nights at commercial accommodations in Hungary rose by an annual 630% to 1,164,000 in December from a low base due to travel restrictions during the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the Central Statistical Office (KSH) said on Monday.


The number of guest nights spent by domestic travellers increased by 446% to 616,000. The number spent by foreign visitors jumped 1,074% to 548,000. KSH noted that the number of guest nights was down 42% from the same month in 2019, before the pandemic.

Revenue of commercial accommodations reached 28 billion forints (EUR 79.3m) in December, climbing 795% from the same month a year earlier. For the full year, the number of guest nights rose by an annual 11% to 15,223,000. The number spent by domestic travellers increased by 6% to 10,501,000 and the number spent by foreigners rose by 25% to 4,731,000. Lake Balaton was the most popular travel destination in Hungary last year, drawing visitors who spent 3,602,000 guest nights. Budapest was runner-up, registering 3,176,000 guest nights, followed by the Western Transdanubia region, where guest nights reached 1,793,000. Revenue of commercial accommodations increased by 24% to 290 billion forints for the year. Revenue at hotels added up to 244 billion forints, accounting for 84% of the total. Revenue of bed and breakfasts amounted to 27 billion forints, making up 9%.


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